Locksmith Services

North Tyneside Locksmiths offers a wide range of lock and physical building security services, and this includes:

  • Residential Locksmithing
  • Commercial Locksmithing
  • Zero Call Our Fee
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Out
  • 30 Minute Response Time
  • Vehicle Locksmithing
  • On-Site Key Cutting
  • Specialists in UPVC Doors and Windows
  • Installation of Master Key Systems
  • Supply and Fitting of All Locks
  • Approved by the Police

24/7 Free Call Out

Our 24-hour call out service is available to deal with emergencies in the Tyneside area. This is a free call out, and we aim to arrive within 30 minutes of your call. If you have locked yourself out of your home, vehicle or business premises, we can help you to gain access quickly. We have multiple branches in the Tyneside area, so we are always close by and quick to respond.

Assisted Building Entry

Sometimes, if you have locked yourself out of your home or business premises, the only way to gain access is to use a professional locksmith. There are a number of ways we can help you to gain access, from picking a lock, to forcing entry through a suitable ingress point. Don’t worry that we will take a sledgehammer to your door and smash it down. We always try to find the point of entry that will result in the least damage, and we always ask your permission before we force entry.

Key Copying & Cutting

We can copy or cut just about any key, even those that are designed not to be copied. This is a mobile service, that we perform on site. We carry a very wide range of key blanks, that enables us to cut just about any key you require. Whether you need a simple Yale key cut, or a security key copied, we can help.

Installing Master Key Systems

A master key system means that one key fits all locks in a building. This is a great way to cut down on the number of keys you have to carry, and also to provide staff such as security guards, with a single key to access your entire commercial premises. You will never lose access to a room or part of the building again due to losing a key, you simply use the master key to unlock it. We are happy to produce a free quote to switching all of your locks over to a master key system.

Performing Lock Repairs

We keep in stock, a very large range of spares and parts, to cover just about any type of lock we might encounter. This means that when we visit your home or workplace, we can almost always repair a lock, if it is repairable. This is generally cheaper than replacing the entire lock. If we can’t repair a lock for some reason, we will offer you a comparable lock as a replacement, and fit that.

Lock Replacement

Locks can’t always be repaired. If a lock is too badly damaged, or it is too worn, it could be more cost-effective to simply replace it with a new lock. We stock a wide range of standard lock types, and generally will be able to fit you a new lock that is similar to the old one. We can also replace locks used in UPVC doors, windows and frames, without damaging the UPVC itself.

UPVC Locksmithing

When it comes to replacing or upgrading locks that have been fitted to UPVC doors, windows and frames, you can trust us to do the job without damaging the UPVC. UPVC is fairly fragile, and removing old locks and fitting new ones, can easily cause damage to the frame, door or window. We always take care to make sure we never damage any of your UPVC fittings while working on your locks.

Auto Locksmithing

In the past, all you needed was a key to unlock your truck, van or car. Nowadays, the security system consists most usually, of a specially cut key and a specific electronic key fob. If you have lost your keys, or you fob is lost or damaged, we can help you. We can repair fobs, cut new keys, and in a worst case example, fit completely new locks to your vehicle.

Extra Services

We can generally tackle any key or lock related tasks, such as opening secure containers and safes. If you have something a little out of the ordinary in mind, then we will probably be up for the challenge of helping you. Give your local branch a call, and tell us about your problem today.

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